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statement: twice removed




Memories coloured by time. Recreating moments past. Capturing that which I never really held.

All these places I have truly visited, but which season was it, what time of day, or year? I saw that animal, glimpsed that bird, but did I really or was it just another visit to the museum or a documentary on TV? A city child all my life, a brush with nature meant a visit to the local natural history museum: still and lifeless reenactments of nonexistent moments. Did that fox and grouse ever truly engage in moral combat or were they at the mercy of a back room taxidermist?

I walk through woods but rarely see more than mounds of steaming scat, markers that life has traversed the trail. A deer passes by but so quickly there is no time to focus the camera. But I want to know more, see more, so I find its lifeless counterpart in the trophy room of a big game hunter and capture it from every angle I desire, with no fear of flight or attack. Alternatively, I kill my camera flash as I contort to capture limited angles of my subject, encased eternally in a cabinet of glass.

Natural fabrications – fabrications of nature: an acknowledgement of the precarious state of nature, that moments put forward for consumption are prone to subjective interpretation and manipulation. Altered perceptions.



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